November 3, 2004 § Leave a comment

We can never know about the days to come
But we think about them anyway…

Last night was all about anticipation. We huddled around a table at McRay’s in Midtown, giddily reacting to the red and blue blocks appearing on the maps on the screens above us. We laughed at the ridiculousness of Democracy Plaza’s ice map. The map steadily got redder and redder, but the big states hadn’t returned their results yet. It got late, and the results were still mixed. We went to bed, tired but still giddy with excitement. It was like Christmas eve… the waiting, the excitement, the wonder, the expectations…

We hardly slept, taking turns to creep out of bed to sneak a peek at the news. 7, 8, 9, 10am… the news became harder to take. “What? How? Why?” rang through our thoughts as our mouths hung agape. I was reminded of the mess of four years ago, having cast my ballot for Gore in Florida. The mess that ensued afterwards was awful, but I still had hope. Hope that this new leader would lead with conviction, yet incorporate all the voices of his country in that leadership. Now, four years later, that hope of the unexpected has turned into fear of the continuation of the decimation of civil rights and liberties in exchange for a platform of “moral values” and fearmongering that is not clearly defined by any half the country.


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