December 6, 2004 § Leave a comment

I recently met with a financial planner from a well known company after much prodding from a coworker. The only reasons I actually went was 1) I felt guilty after the free lunch and 2) I couldn’t avoid the guy’s calls at work any longer.

I drove out to his fancy pants office in Buckhead, but not before I hit Target for some necessary items (yes, dog reindeer antlers ARE necessary). We sat in a corporate meeting room and proceeded to talk about all the things I should be thinking about but am not currently: investments, retirement, and insurance. Soon enough, I felt my eyeballs roll into the back of my head while I was being scolded (pleasantly enough, though) for not having a gazillion dollars in insurance for myself and yet-to-be-concieved offspring and not having a plan to accumulate wealth.

Accumulate wealth. I’m sorry, but what’s that? I explained to him that I’m in super-debt-paying mode and that every dollar that doesn’t go into food, booze, or bills goes toward reducing this debt. Every.single.dollar. He obviously didn’t believe me because he gave me the story I’ve heard, oh, about a million times about how I could invest $100 now and be a millionaire in just 40 years. I persisted with my debt reduction tale and how I’d rather get rid of it with the looming 18% interest over making contributions to something I can’t touch until my liver starts hurting. In the end, I asked for the bottom line which was $400 for him to “plan my financial future.”

Needless to say, I was out of there. It wasn’t all a waste – I did take his advice to diversify my 403(b) investments. I went home, told the boy, and we did it in 15 minutes online. Apparently having an MBA in real estate/finance means he knows a thing or two about this stuff – imagine that! In two weeks, I’ve made about $150+ that I still can’t touch until I retire. We also just invested in the first step of our real estate empire. Not bad for the girl who still can’t do math in her head.


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