Just One of the Many Reasons I Love Him

December 23, 2004 § Leave a comment

To: the girl
From: the boy
Subject: Speaking of interesting…

You should see what came out of my nose this morning.

I flushed it out, as per usual. Nothing out of the ordinary. Then I took a shower and could feel a little something stuffing up my right nostril. So I blew for a while. Nothing. Left it alone. Blew a little bit more. Still nothing. I was beginning to think that it was my imagination. Then I blew one more time. Whammo! Forget you and your little snot rockets. This thing was a freaking snot patriot missile, and the shower floor was Baghdad. That thing flew out of my nose with an alarming velocity and slammed into the shower. I think it left a dent. Anywho, I (being the curious type) picked it up and examined it for a while. It was very similar to some of the things that came out of my nose in weeks past. Basically, it was a mucous-covered blood clot, probably a leftover from my emergency operation over Thanksgiving. But instead of being kind of roundish, it was really long. My nose felt instant relief. I wish you had been there to share the joy with me, but instead, I had to dance around in the nude with the dogs.

Do you still love me, or was that too much?


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