December 30, 2004 § Leave a comment

2003 was certainly a suck year. I got divorced, I owed the IRS, and I was just plain thrown into limbo. My sense of self was shaken, stirred, and repeated until there was very little left. Looking back, I remember the resolutions I made for 2004:

1. Move into new apartment and love it even if it’s the size of my current closet

Well, this obviously didn’t happen as you can tell. I moved into a new apartment much bigger than my closet, with the boy, and I love it. Eh, close enough.

2. Call mom & sibling once a week

I do talk to my sister at least once a week. Mom? Notsomuch.

3. Pay off chunk of debt & save money

Part one has been in steady, but great, progress. Part two is still waiting to happen.

4. Follow the Benrik book daily as much as possible without arrest, deportation, etc.

D gave me the Benrik book, which is great fun, but I have not been keeping up with it.

5. Keep in better touch with friends

I suck at this. You know who you are – sorry.

6. Ignore stupid boys


7. Use knowledge of differences between wants and needs


8. Stop worrying about things I cannot change

A trifecta!

9. Stop chewing cuticles when worrying


10. Run with dog

“Walk” is more like it.

11. Understand that I can’t always be perfect and actually believe it
12. Know that others can’t be perfect and live with it
13. Ask for help when I need it

These three have seriously changed my life.

14. Show up for church more than once a year

I’ve gone at least 3 times since I moved to Atlanta.

15. Make lesson plans before day of lessons
16. Get back into volunteering regularly

Okay, these two go together for a reason. I no longer teach, therefore #15 is moot. Instead of teaching, I run a volunteer program and volunteer regularly outside of work. So that works, right?

All in all, 11 out of 16 isn’t bad. This year I don’t have many resolutions. Yeah, I’d like to lose a few extra pounds before I even think of putting on a bathing suit again, I’d love to get a new job, but 2004 has been an excellent year thus far… and I think 2005 will be even better.


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