“Mason Jennings is just so cute!”

January 30, 2005 § Leave a comment

So on Friday, after being sent home for an impending ice storm that wasn’t actually going to appear for another 7 hours, we went to Smith’s to grab a bite to eat and head upstairs for the Mason Jennings show.

I wasn’t exactly feeling like myself. First, I didn’t finish my beer (maybe it was all the margaritas from lunch?) and second, I didn’t finish my food. Brushing that off, the boy and I made fun of one of the opening acts at the adjoining table. There they were with their hipster hair and duds, while we sang “Shave and a Haircut, two bits!” aloud.

We sauntered upstairs for the endlessly long wait for Mason to come onstage. The crowd was a strange mix of L.Lo wannabes (with too little clothes and too much makeup) and older, wiser music lovers. However, I was incredibly annoyed by the L.Lo girls who kept jumping up and down, screaming about how cute he was during the music and trying to bum cigarettes. For the last time, I DON’T SMOKE. I attribute all of this to becoming old and cantankerous.

Mason played a great set, though. And the boy said it best: “It’s a crime he’s not more famous.”


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