February 4, 2005 § Leave a comment

Today I’m going on another department “retreat” over the weekend. Yes, this will be the second “retreat” for the year, but unlike the first “retreat” this one will be in a conference center with nature outside (where it should be), heat & a/c, and a real toilet and stuff.

At this “retreat,” the theme will be building better relationships. The first “retreat” dealt with teambuilding, but apparently teams were not built nor did we build good relationships. Perhaps it was the fact that we were outside. A lot. Or maybe it was the fact that we were in cabins without heat or even a door in relatively chilly weather. Maybe it was all the bug spray. You know, just maybe.

So instead, our itinerary consists of 3 days of building better relationships in 3-hour blocks of workshops until midnight in which our staff will tell us why we blow. This is to develop “trusting relationships” and create a space of open honesty. There will be 360-degree feedback sessions, which in “retreat”-speak means 180-degrees of them telling us to suck it. You know, it’s all about better relationship building.

Ah, “retreats”…. it’s just so great to get away from it all.


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