Emails of Doom

March 9, 2005 § Leave a comment

A lot of websites have those handy “click to send to a friend” links for articles that may interest them. I would emphasize the word may here, but my sister has taken it to a whole new level.

I rarely get emails of substance or questions about how things are going. Instead, she uses email to warn me of the dangers that exist in our world. Sweet? Notsomuch. I often get drive-by emails from or WebMD about freak accidents, the eight-million ways I could die unexpectedly, and the “you can get cancer from {fill in the blank}.” As if those weren’t weird enough, she has to add her freaky comments to them.

For instance, she sent me this today:

Food poisoning kills 29 children with the comment, “Did we ever eat these? I can’t remember what they are.”

Some background… we used to live in the Philippines. USED TO. And we never like those, nor are we elementary school children living in the Philippines today.

Some other gems that I have received include:

What’s the Most Dangerous Day to Drive? with the comment, “You are not allowed to drive any where on holidays…even if you are visiting us!

Man held over alleged Internet suicide plot with the comment, “Do you think we’ll see the end of the world in our lifetime?”

At first I acted like I was amused, poking a little fun at her crazed emails. They were humorous little pick-me-ups to my day from my wacky little sister. But now I can only imagine her sitting in her living room, watching Inside Edition, just waiting to let me know whether it’s safe to eat sushi or use a school bathroom ever again.


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