April 5, 2005 § Leave a comment

I had to go to another company retreat this weekend.  Yes, on a Saturday (and you know how much I love retreats).

Although the boy is the one who’s officially been diagnosed as ADHD, I’m no good during these retreats.  After a good, oh, say, 7 hours of discussing strategic planning, my brain turns to jello and I can’t sit still.  One thing I must say, however, is the genius behind the idea of snacks and toys at retreats.

Harleon (a combination of the names of the boys I was sitting between) and I enjoyed the duration of the retreat together.  He enjoyed his ride in the slinky and very much liked putting his footprints in the playdough given to us.  Then we decided to put playdough in his belly and squish it out in front of everyone at the table.  It was great fun.  For those rare times that I actually did take notes, Harleon propped himself on the top of my pen to supervise.


I started thinking about it more and more, and wondered if Harleon would actually make a good pet.  I mean, he’s basically a lizard that stands upright… right? And it would be a cinch to replicate him once we got hold of some dino DNA.   Then I started thinking about all the really bad Jurassic Park-type of things that could happen:

I guess we’d have to make sure that they would all be small.  And herbivores.  And nice.  Yep, this is what I call strategic planning.


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