Stinky-pee girl

April 5, 2005 § 5 Comments

I know I usually like to talk about pooping, but I’m having pee issues at the moment.

I mean, it’s definitely usual to have my 1-2 cups of coffee and then run to the bathroom and get a slight whiff of Black Cat Blend, but it’s getting weirder.

We made yummy seared ahi and asparagus last night with my current favorite wine, and I had stinky-asparagus pee forever.  This morning was the usual coffee pee.  Later, I went to Whole Paycheck for lunch and grabbed a cup of soup for lunch.

People, CHICKEN GUMBO PEE is not normal.


§ 5 Responses to Stinky-pee girl

  • #1 Holly says:

    This is just going to be TMI:
    How much water are you drinking? If you are getting the appropriate amount for your body, your pee should be slightly tinged yellow and not have much of an odor.

  • mingaling says:

    Does the water in my beer count?

  • #1 Holly says:

    You know the answer to that!

  • Mary says:

    Pee issues! Ah, my favorite subject.

    Holly is right, you need start having an H20 chaser with your beer. The asparagus odor should go away after a few pees…not sure about chicken gumbo. Have you developed an abnormally responsive sense of smell? It could be like a super power or something…how cool!

  • mingaling says:

    My sense of smell has really kicked in. Someone opened a yogurt 2 cubicles away and I could smell it. Yogurt!

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