April 12, 2005 § 2 Comments

There’s a rule:  never go grocery shopping when you’re hungry.

If you make this mistake, you end up buying all kinds of things you never intended.  Raspberry swirl cheesecake?  Sure! Artisnal cheeses?  Sure!  Some exotic produce you couldn’t pronounce to save your life?  Why the hell not!  Pretty soon, no one’s able to believe that you’re shopping for a household of just two.  No, they’re convinced I’m shopping for my brood of six and one on the way (I really need to switch to light beer).  Come check out time, I fork over my entire paycheck and struggle to push the cart out the door.

Apparently the same thing happens on a trip to the package store when, um, thirsty.  Why is it not possible to walk out of Green’s without spending at least $100?  Is it the shiny bottles all lined up in neat little rows, casting their glittery hypnotism my way?  The boy always falls for the new stuff they have in displays and at least a handle of bourbon.  I always fall for the foreign and exotic, but also grab the tequila.  We somehow gathered 3-4 bottles of wine between the both of us.  Finally, we grab what we went in there for in the first place:  cookin’ booze for my favorite chicken & carrot saute (using Grey Goose in it got quite pricey).

On another note, if the liquor stores all acted a little like Whole Foods, where I can shop AND graze to my heart’s content, I think the world would be a happier place.


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