Lost and Found

June 7, 2005 § 3 Comments

I have a recurring dream nightmare about being back in high school.

Actually, it’s pretty evident that I know that I don’t really belong there, but somehow have to pretend that I do because I’m on a mission to find my locker.  I have no idea where it is in the school, but I’m on an endless search to find it.  While looking for it, I have to pretend that I’m a student going from class to class so that I don’t get caught roaming the halls (why I should care since I graduated 10 years ago still eludes me).  I run from physics to Latin to drafting (read: dork) and see the familiar faces of classmates and teachers.  I hang out in the Latin room the longest, since Mr. Rohleder was extremely cool to anyone that got past Latin III.

In between classes, I skulk around the Y and Z halls, upstairs and downstairs, scanning the rows and rows of metal boxes along the wall.  I finally find it in the dark alcove between my freshman English class and the library upstairs, but I can’t remember the combination.  My head is racked with numbers in sets of three and I try every possibility I can think of.  The only other way I could find out is to go to the front office, produce my student ID and locker number, but I can’t since I’m 27 and don’t belong there anymore.  I try to come up with some sort of excuse, maybe some sense of nostalgia, and perhaps they would take pity on an alum?   

While I was still in high school, I had a similar dream, except that I actually belonged there and I knew the combination but had forgotten and no one could tell me.  What is in my locker that I needed so badly still hasn’t been explained.


§ 3 Responses to Lost and Found

  • I’ve had that dream too! The halls were how I remembered them but the people were all different, and of course I never found my locker. In my mind I belonged there yet the environment acted as if I didn’t.

    Odd that I don’t remember seeing you in the hallways.

  • bobafred says:

    I have a very similar dream. I know where my locker is, but I do not know the combination and can never get it open. I also can never find my classrooms. It is my most often recurring dream. Weird.

    And, nice comment Cyanbane.

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