Must Love Dogs

June 8, 2005 § 3 Comments

The boy and I went to see Cinderella Man (bring tissue) the other night.  During the previews, there was one starring Diane Lane.  She was a divorcee who’s sister urged her to put her profile online to get her out in the dating field.  She had a dog whom she loved, and that was the one ultimatum she expected of her possible suitors:  "must love dogs."  The boy, played by John Cusack, borrows a dog to meet her. Hmm… sound familiar?  So when I yelled, "Fuck!  We could have made millions!" I realized it might have been exaggerating, but still – THAT’S US.

Safariscreensnapz001_1Yes, I realize that thousands of people have met someone online, but it it’s still a novel concept to the majority of people to whom we tell our story.  My profile on was written in haste (and it’s quite obvious).  It even has a stupid emoticon at the end of it just in case some tard didn’t find the quote in the same humor as I did.  FOR THE LOVE OF FUCK – AN EMOTICON.  And the picture?  Bad helmet hair and a sunburn taken on a cruise with my ex-husband.  Ha!


Then there was the boy’s profile.  I mean, once I read it there was no way I could not email him.  He’s so completely adorable in a non-pukey way.  What he wrote was completely true and the way he wrote is exactly how he is:  funny, sincere, and open. 

People still ask me if they should give online dating a shot.  Sure, it’s just dating.  Just like going to a bar, coffee shop, grocery store, whatever – you still have to make the effort, sort out the sludge, and hope it will work out.  But damn if the boy wasn’t the best $29.99 I’ve ever spent.



§ 3 Responses to Must Love Dogs

  • Mary says:

    “Seek out the dark forces and join their hellish crusade” – come on! Who wouldn’t love you after reading that? That is awesome! 🙂

    Have to add here that my (single) brother-in-law is planning to adopt a puppy soon and confided in me that he hoped it would help him meet chicks. I told him that it probably would, who isn’t a sucker for a cute guy with a cute dog?

  • Cute story! I can’t wait to see the movie either, I love me some JC. And after years of vowing I would never do the online dating thing, I met my fabulous boy on Match, on the first try!

  • HG says:

    You know that it my favorite quote 🙂

    Also, the Boy’s profile was adorable and we know how well he turned out.

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