And God I love that rock n’ roll

June 14, 2005 § 3 Comments

Modest Mouse live last night at the Fabulous Fox?  Lovely.

The boy and I exchanged "dude you’re old" and "you’re such a baby" while Camper Van Beethoven opened (for the record, I did know a few of their songs from around, um, middle school).  After seeing how frighteningly long the lines were for the bar, we moped on over to our fantastic seats.  Fantastic in the sense that we were so close, not who our neighbors were.

The entire row in front of us consisted of high schoolers on summer vacation.  I know this for a fact because of the "oh my god, can you believe we’re going to be juniors next year?  Wheee!" conversation that went on for about 10 minutes.  All dressed up in their Futureheads and Rilo Kiley t-shirts, they were ready to have themselves the time of their lives.  Their friends with (assumingly) worse seats joined them by sitting on their laps and squishing into the row.

At first we were annoyed.  We were annoyed by their stupid faces and sitting on each others laps and the pot smoke drifting towards us and their freakish dancing.  But it didn’t last.  We sort of just looked at each other and smiled.

Me:  "At least they listen to good music instead of the Black Eyed Peas or whateverthefuck, right?"
Boy: "Did you dress all nerdy-but-cute like that before your goth phase?"
Me:  "No, I dressed like that tool over there in the Hard Rock shirt."
Boy: "Ewww."
Me:  "You know our kids are going to be just as stupid as they are."
Boy: "Absolutely."



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