I’m Wide Awake, It’s Morning

June 26, 2005 § 2 Comments

My dog won’t let me sleep past 6 a.m.

Molly wakes up at 5:56 like clockwork every morning.  She comes to the side of the bed with her soft and pitiful cries, followed closely by a more commanding and abrupt bark.  She has to go, so out we both go, grabbing Maggie along the way.  The neighborhood is quiet in the morning – even the birds are still sleeping.  The grass is wet with dew and we trudge through the slick lawn to relieve the pups. 

I come back in hoping for a reprieve and another shot at the snooze button, but she’s moved from having to go to having to eat.  A scoop of food in the bowl and a pat on the head do little to satiate her.  She’s bored at this point and it’s play time.  Maggie reluctantly engages in a sparring match while I glance at the clock – 6:15 – and sigh.  I check my email with one hand, the other clutching the rope toy tugged by the little one.  If I go back to bed, she will sit by the bed and cry again, wanting more participation in her morning’s routine.  Of course, the boy is ignorant to all of this.  He sleeps like a rock.  While I bolt out of bed at the ear-piercing whine that Molly emits, he rolls over and continues to snore.  I thought for sure he’d hear her some mornings, and tested this by giving him several swift kicks to his legs, but he continues to sleep.  Perhaps a jab in the back with an elbow would do?

I’ve had to come up with my own routine to complement hers.  At first I’d while away the morning with the laptop, but there’s only so much news I can handle in the morning (besides, no one updates their blogs until at least mid-morning).  Today I managed to accomplish a whole host of things unheard of in my sleeping past.  Went to the gym, went to a sit-down breakfast, and now I’m writing here at Octane and finishing up my book club’s selection – all before 12 pm on a Sunday! 

I’m accomplishing a lot more, but I sometimes long to trade that in for just an extra hour in those soft sheets.  Gone are the days of sleeping in soundly to the hum of the white noise machine.  Gone are the days of no-alarm bliss on the weekend.  My friends with kids have congratulated me on my entry into parenthood.


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