July 4, 2005 § Leave a comment

Saturday was a gorgeous day by the pool, but Sunday started out with a bang.  The lightning was closely followed with loud cracks of thunder.  Bang, bang, bang.  The waves of rain came and went quickly, but the aftermath continued long after.  On my way home from a short errand, water poured like rapids down Ponce.  The power up and down Monroe went out.  The apartment was too hot and stuffy to make lunch, but when I arrived at the Highlander I realized that everyone was in the same boat.  The boy called and said Six Feet Under had power.

We lunched on seafood gumbo, hush puppies, and Shiner Bock, enjoying the air conditioning.  We soon moved upstairs to the deck, then down to Grant Park for more beer and lazy Sunday-ing.  Dakota Blue didn’t have power either, but the beer was still cold and we all sat on the sidewalk outside next to a minivan full of tattooed boys playing heavy metal. Once we headed home my head started hurting from too many beers and not enough a/c and all I could hear was bang, bang, bang.

By morn I was better, and there’s nothing like comfort food to cure the common bender.  For me that equals some real Chinese cooking, and the boy whisked me off to Doraville’s China Delight.  Dim sum was delicious, topped off by soothing jasmine tea.  We had a porkstravaganza, and he was ecstatic that I no longer needed to make him eat chicken feet (I passed as well – too greasy).  After a nap we headed to a bbq with the dogs in tow.  We had a good time while trying to keep cool, leaving right before dark.  Then the fireworks commenced, sending the dogs into a frenzy.  One flew under the bed, the other right next to it.  We snuggled up on the floor next to them, cuddling and trying to soothe.

Bang, bang, bang.

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