Non- workday 3: IKEA!

August 3, 2005 § 4 Comments

I hadn’t ventured to the new IKEA yet for fear of death by stampede.  Inspired by Krissa and Stuart’s IKEA makeover, I figured a Wednesday afternoon would be a very non-overpopulated time to go.  I was wrong.  Maybe everyone else is unemployed, too?

When I got there, the parking deck seemed filled to capacity.  Luckily I snagged a spot just as someone was leaving.  Everything seemed extraordinarily large.  It was a bit overwhelming.  After a ride up the escalator, I arrived at the IKEA restaurant.  The food is really good, and it’s also really, really cheap.  It’s pretty much a buffet, but they had poached salmon, pesto pasta with crayfish, chicken alfredo, yummy salads and sandwiches… but I stuck with the theme and got the swedish meatballs.  They were good, but I do not recommend the lingonberry sauce it comes with.  Ick.  The place was so packed, though, that they ran out of silverware, thus the reason I ate my meatballs with a spoon.

After eating, I ventured through the "marketplace" and ended up with an Ärstid, 4 Hej , 1 Vasen, 4 Clips, a bag of Glimma, and a poster of a dog.  I really needed a Svepa, but they ran out.  I also fawned all over the Markör, but there was no way I could a) explain the purchase since I won’t see a paycheck for 3 weeks and, more importantly, b) I couldn’t lift the damn thing onto the cart and into the car and schlep it into the apartment by myself.

Lesson learned: must return to store with backup next time.

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