Day 4: Chill

August 5, 2005 § Leave a comment

I wasn’t up for an adventure on Day 4.  I’m kind of surprised I made it out of the house.

The day started by sleeping off a migraine that started the night before.  I pulled Molly into bed with me (she makes a poor substitute for the boy, but he has a job and all).  Later, while she still snoozed curled up in the crook of my leg, I finished up this month’s book club pick, Choke.  It was okay.  I guess it’s hard to follow up with the extremely enjoyable Fight Club, but I definitely expected something more.

I had lunch at West Egg, then coffee and wifi at Octane.  Octane serves lunch, but I’m always disappointed by their food.  Best to stick with caffeine. Ran into Daniel there and chatted about the Metblog soiree planned for later that evening.

I also returned some phone calls.  Something to note:  I often go on phone hiatus for several days at a time.  I haven’t taken any calls since Friday because, well, I just don’t feel like dealing with people at times.  This week was definitely one of those times.  People just want, want, want, and sometimes I have little to give.  I did take one call, from my sister, and that was lesson learned.  Of course, despite this, I’m probably going to go ahead and cough up another $200 for a new phone.

I live for irony.


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