Day 6: Whirlyball Face Off

August 8, 2005 § 6 Comments

ATL WB Mingaling
Originally uploaded by HamWithCam.

Saturday brought the much anticipated Whirlyball showdown between the Flickrs and the bloggers.

For those who don’t know (as I didn’t), Whirlyball is a combination of bumpercars/lacrosse/basketball.  Perfect for someone as uncoordinated as I am!

It was a lot of fun, though, even if the Flickrs were foaming at the mouth.  I guess I’m just not that competitive.  I mean, seriously, they’ve got big cameras!

Click here for the full slideshow.


§ 6 Responses to Day 6: Whirlyball Face Off

  • Briam says:

    That looks like a lot of fun…. but I did not see… who won? The Flickrs?

  • mingaling says:

    Hmm…I don’t even know! There were a lot more Flickrs than bloggers, so we ended up with mixed teams in the end.

  • Briam says:

    Ah… Gotcha. Still looked like a lot of fun. I had never even heard of Whirlyball. 🙂

  • Daniel says:

    The way I remember it is that the Flickrs were begging in submission until we let them play mixed teams out of pity.

    That’s how I recall it, at least…

  • Greg says:

    I recall us handing Flickr their ASS during the second game… Man, we were a tight unit, functioning as one. They had no reply except to make a few substitutions, and we let them win the last game as we were tried kicking their sorry asses

  • Titus Barik says:

    Exactly. I’m pretty sure one of the Flickr members started crying because they were losing so badly, so we decided to do mixed teams so they wouldn’t feel so bad anymore. Flickrs may take pretty pictures, but bloggers can rewrite history.

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