America, the beautiful

August 27, 2005 § 2 Comments

I’m back from our nation’s capital.  I thought about highlighting some of the major attractions and historical monuments that one would encounter on such a trip, but that’s what Google’s for.  So I’ll just give some random tidbits:

Although they might be going under, Delta’s terminal seems to be the nicest at Hartsfield.  I mean, they even have an iPod vending machine!

iPod Vending Machine

I normally fly Airtran because they’re cheap.  Their terminal’s highlights consist of a Popeye’s and some god awful Miller Lite themed ‘bar’ that hardly has any booze (or seating for that matter).

Of course, none of this matches the sushi bar at Reagan.  I had dinner there before my flight back and it was probably the best maguro I’ve had in a long time.

Airport Sushi

I love DC for many reasons, but one of my favorite things is the Metro.  It’s so fast, convenient, and goes everywhere you need to go (hey MARTA:  hint, hint).  But even so, an idiot like me can still manage to hurt herself by JABBING HER UPPER THIGH into the corner of a hard, plastic seat.  God, I’m graceful.


I had to make a last-minute hotel change to The Melrose in Foggy Bottom since my meeting was moved to another building.  I’m glad, though, because the place rocked.  I would recommend it over any other place that I’ve stayed there.  One block from the Metro, a couple of blocks from Georgetown, and the room was spectacular.

The first thing I did after checking in was head to Arlington to visit my dad’s gravesite.  I swung into the GWU hospital gift shop to pick up some flowers, only to find some guy selling them at the Metro station for $20 bucks less.  Go figure.

Sitting with Daddy

I had a meeting to go to, but afterwards I noticed that all this walking made my feet tired.  I was near Dupont Circle and saw a sign for a nail salon and headed in.  Oh boy.  Instead of acetone, I was hit by the smell of incense filtering through the air.  The place was empty except for one liliputian Vietnamese lady humming to disco musak.  The decor reminded me of my mom’s Filipino hairdresser in the early 80’s with goldenrod vinyl chairs, but with statues of Buddha instead of Jesus.  I asked her if she was open, then she started squawking, asking me what I’d like done.  Then she kept handing me these asian gummy candies.  I ate about 40 to keep her happy.  She was very nice, but undeniably crazy.


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