Observations on College Football, part I

September 11, 2005 § Leave a comment

Free parking is a joy that never fades.

The Will Call booth line.  Very, very scary.

There actually was a decent Carolina crowd, but what we needed was a decent Carolina receiver.

Bulldog Barbies (or whatever school’s version) are not a myth.  They are, in fact, very very real.  I still cannot fathom the amount of small white girls in strapless dresses, pearls, and heels, in attendance at the game.

Worst of all:

— Within 10 minutes of getting to our seats, we witness one of the Barbies PROJECTILE VOMITING through her fingers while slowly walking down the stairway.  Classy. 

— If that wasn’t bad enough, we then notice two police officers come up to some rows behind us.  We turned around to see what was wrong.  There was a blonde girl, unconcious, with foam coming out of her mouth.  Her eyelids and lips were blue.  They had to carry her out and take her to the EMTs.  The cops followed them holding up an empty plastic flask.  The worst thing is that I’m not sure her stupid friends would have done anything had the cops not showed up.


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