Change 5 Lights

October 5, 2005 § 2 Comments

So numbskull finally realized, "hey, conservation is a good idea."

Yeah.  Brilliant.

Here’s something you can do, too.  Did you know that if every U.S. household replaced their five most frequently used light bulbs with ENERGY STAR bulbs, each would save more than $60 a year in energy costs, and together we’d:

  • prevent greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to the emissions from 8 million cars [or, more than one trillion pounds of greenhouse gases]
  • save more than $6 billion annually in electricity costs
  • save more than 800 billion kWh of energy (equal to the annual output of more than 20 power plants or enough to light more than 30 million U.S. homes)

Plus, the bulbs last 6-10 times longer and use 2/3 less energy, saving you $25 over its lifetime.  I don’t know about you, but I’m heading to the HD.


§ 2 Responses to Change 5 Lights

  • Lady Crumpet says:

    HD always gives to Republicans. I’m not sure if Lowe’s is any better, but surely there is some business who can supply us who doesn’t fund money for numbskull campaigns?

  • mingaling says:

    Maybe we should start a post on how to circumvent Bernie Marcus 😉

    But think of all the energy we could save in GA if all the repubs. changed their bulbs!

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