Google SMS

October 14, 2005 § 5 Comments

I’m surprised more people aren’t using Google’s Short Messaging Service (SMS).  I love it.

You basically take any phone with text message capability and send a query to the number "46645" (GOOGL).  They message back your search results, usually within a minute, and are text-based so they’re easy to read.  I usually use it for local listings when I’m away from my pc, definitions, product info, blog info., etc.

It’s so much better than using the web application on my phone (which sucks, btw).  Of course, this could get pricey for people who don’t have a flat-rate text messaging plan.


§ 5 Responses to Google SMS

  • Polichick says:

    oooh, dangerous information. Thanks!

  • Oliver says:

    There’s also YAHOO (92466) or 4INFO (44636) and these are all a great replacement for using 411 which is normally a couple of bucks…

  • mingaling says:

    411 is such a rip off.

  • Briam says:

    …another quick and dirty that I like to use is … but it requires you to send an email… and your request is the subject like movies 30338 and it will email you the listings for the theaters near that zip…in plain text…. Much quicker than a web lookup … even on a crackberry.. 🙂

  • Bob Roth says:

    4INFO also provides a few services that Google does not: sports scores (“packers” “nfl”), fantasy stats (“albert pujols” “priest holmes”), flight times (“swa san jose san diego”) and a beta version of mobile download search. All these services can be accessed via sms (44636), wap (, or email to

    “When asked recently for the address of a trendy downtown Manhattan club called Butter, both 4Info and Yahoo! located it on the first try. But Google sent back results better suited to baking.”
    – Wendy Widman, 8/3/2005

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