October 17, 2005 § 1 Comment

After the dogs destroyed the living room, the boy and I went out on our IKEA date night. 

All those who have not been to an IKEA now say:  "Lame!"
All those who have been to an IKEA now say:  "Genius!"

We went ahead and started with dinner in the restaurant.  Meatballs, lingonberries… check!  Then we headed into the showroom and played in all the different square footages.  This has reinforced our beliefs that a) we can live in 897 sq.ft. in Atlantic Station without killing each other and b) we need an IKEA savings account, pronto.

The Swedish are awesome

Ah, svery svelte…


Mmmm... closets

Here I am fantasizing about Swedish closet systems.

IKEA rocks

"I want a chaise lounge!  Why can’t we have a chaise lounge!  I want now!  Now, now, now!"

Living it up

"And to think, it’s only $1.99!"

Come on.  It's funny!

Come on, it’s funny!

That one, please

This is the flooring we want for the condo.  DIY baby!

Carpets doubling as winter wear

Genius – a rug AND a coat!

Travellator?  Why yes!

Yeah, it’s a travellator.

On the travellator we go

On the travellator with our new red Hellum, which the dogs promptly chewed a hole through by Saturday morning.


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