October 20, 2005 § 2 Comments

The clock is ticking to decide on this year’s Halloween costume:

Avian flu (people just won’t get it)
Katie Holmes (the knocked up Scientologist version)
Judith Miller / Karl Rove (the boy nixed this couple’s option)


§ 2 Responses to Costumery

  • dpb says:

    Love the Katie Holmes idea… she used to be one of the loves of my life. Too bad for her, she’s lost her chance with me with all her wackiness. If you do go as her, be sure to add the herpes sores…

  • Lady Crumpet says:

    What about the Runaway Bride? Maybe someone has a white dress you could borrow and wear with sneakers? That way you could look pretty but just give people a crazy stare. And wouldn’t that costume be scary for the Boy? 😉

    My wedding dress is still in my closet. I’m not sure though that my husband would think it were funny if I dressed up and called myself that.

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