Slacker McSlackerton

November 21, 2005 § 3 Comments

Damn.  Where does the time go?  This past week/end flew by.

Okay, so here’s your APWBWGTTD recap.  November’s meetup took place at Limerick Junction in VaHi.  Small crew (we shrink when it’s cold), but lots of fun.  Plus, our newest cult member is Duane (hi Duane!) and I must say that I just might love him a little.

After rousing the table for drinks and a round of irish car bombs, we stayed until the music became a bit annoying and split to different venues.  Hollismb and Scott headed over to meet some folks at Bazaar, while Chance, Brian, Dave the real Dave, Duane, and I went to the decidedly less fancypants Hand In Hand.  We drank, we sang, we were merry, and I think we were all hurting the next day.

El Napkin

Part dos


§ 3 Responses to Slacker McSlackerton

  • dpb says:

    Agh! You got my site wrong… .com is for some crack addict that refuses to do anything with his site. I’m .net (where the cool kids hang according to Mr. Hollis).

  • duane says:

    thanks for the recap and the napkin shots! I was curious what people had to say… that is except for you Brian… bad answer, HA! regardless… can’t wait for the next one, and thanks for inviting me!

    *and thanks for loving me! even if it is only a little =oD

  • bobafred says:

    Sorry Duane, I answered before I knew who came up with the question. But lets be honest, I would have still answered the same.

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