January 9, 2006 § 4 Comments

Vulcan Butt
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The boy and I spent the weekend in Birmingham visiting friends and family.  While we spent most of our time visiting, I thought the funniest thing we saw in the city was Vulcan.

I bet you didn’t know that the world’s largest cast iron statue was right here in the south, did ya?  I’m also intrigued by its past usage as a road safety device to tell you whether or not someone DIED on the highway that day.  And the fact that he HAS NO PANTS.

Fascinating, I tell you.


§ 4 Responses to Vulcan

  • Fraulein N says:

    I’m worried about the fact that he’s wearing no pants and he’s god of the FORGE. Dude deals with FIRE all day long. Maybe I’m worrying for nothing, I mean he is a god, after all.

  • Courtney says:

    My friend loves Vulcan so much she got married there. For real.

  • Will says:

    As a matter of fact, Lori, I did know that the world’s largest cast-iron sculpture was here in the American South. Birmingham is the Pittsburgh of the South, after all, home to an industrial past as proud and handsomely aging as the Sloss Furnaces therein. I was there in May of last year, and Vulcan was my #1 thing to see. (I don’t go anywhere without reading about it first.)

    The statue of Vulcan began with the St. Louis World’s Fair (I have 80-year old Stereogram images from that World’s Fair), for which the city of Birmingham had it made. For a time, on the way back to Birmingham, he sat on the side of some railroad tracks, broken and abandoned, for many months before the city drummed up the funds to pay off their freight bills, to place him atop his pedestal, atop his mountain. When first reassembled, he had two right arms (whoops) and no spear to hold. He’s since held Coke bottles, ice cream cones and other such silliness, before reclaiming his godly spear.

    Vulcan doesn’t wear pants ’cause, remember, he’s old-school Greek. Things were different back then.

    What I liked about Birmingham, besides some stellar gyros, was all the signs with “Vulcan” in them, like the Vulcan Beverage Depot, Vulcan Auto Rental and Vulcan Video. That weekend was full of things like, “Pass me another Vulcan beer” and “That’s the stupidest Vulcan thing I’ve ever heard.” (Say it out loud.)

    Don’t test me, Lori.

  • mingaling says:

    Damn Will, I can’t get anything past you! 😉

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