Weird x 5

January 13, 2006 § 3 Comments

I have been tagged by Jessica.  Actually, it was like days ago, and I’m finally getting to it.  Not so much because I didn’t have any weird things to write about, but that being "weird" just seems so normal for me that I sometimes don’t think it’s weird anymore.  So, let me apologize beforehand if these topics have already been
discussed and you think, "duh, how many times to we have to hear about
your stinky pee already?"

The Game:  The first player of this game starts with the topic “five weird
habits of yourself,” and people who get tagged need to write an entry
about their five weird habits as well as state this rule clearly. In
the end, you need to choose the next five people to be tagged and link
to their web journals. Don’t forget to leave a comment in their blog or
journal that says “You have been tagged” (assuming they take comments)
and tell them to read yours.

Now to the business at hand:

1.  I am an OCD scratcher.  Once I start, I can’t stop, and travel up, down, and around the body.  This often ends up with me red and covered in welts all over.

2.  I am a firm believer that the state of one’s poop accurately reflects the state of one’s health (and I’m not afraid to inspect).

3. When someone around me sneezes, I immediately hold my breath and turn away from the person until I can breathe uncontaminated air.  This is probably a result of watching that film in 5th grade health class showing the microdroplets of spit and snot and whatnot blasting out of people’s faces.

4.  I can’t drink my morning coffee until I am seated at my desk.  Yes, I know that I may make it at home before hand, but it has to stay in its mug until I am seated at my desk.  Just because.

5.  I avoid using the phone as much as possible.  I will find ways to email, IM, fax, and even issue handwritten correspondence in order to avoid talking to strangers. 

Tag, you’re it:



Lady Crumpet




§ 3 Responses to Weird x 5

  • Hakeber says:

    Your number 5 is totally not weird… I do it too. You should see my cellphone bill. I use like 5 minutes tops of actual talking time, but will have like 4 pages of text messaging charges.

  • Lindsay says:

    i avoid the phone when i’m the one who has to do the calling. i’m more than happy to receive a call, but loathe making one, unless it’s to like one of maybe a dozen people i’ve known for years and years. i don’t even like to call to order a pizza. hooray for the internet and text messaging!

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