Hello Moto

February 10, 2006 § 8 Comments

My cell phone died yesterday.  It has been slowly committing suicide.  First the personalize ring tone function stopped working, then the bluetooth quit for no apparent reason, and finally it decided to reboot itself whenever it felt like it (most likely during a phone call).  Finally, when my sister called yesterday to tell me the good news, the damn thing wouldn’t answer a call.  Like the "hello!  I’m ringing, but haha!  The talk button no longer works, sucka!" kind of not answering.

I pretty much had it by then, so I went and picked up a new phone on the way home.  That was the painless part – I was in and out in 15 minutes.  But switching from Nokia (aka "cell phones for dummies") to a Motorola is a little aggravating.  The buttons are in the wrong places, I have to take extra steps to get to a feature, I can’t figure out the bluetooth yet, etc. 

It’s not like I hate it.  I mean, it was cheap, I at least know how to make a phone call, and it works.  The boy has the black version (mine is silver – duh, so we don’t get confused) and I’ve been bugging the hell out of him with faqs.  The change, though, it’s a little disturbing.


§ 8 Responses to Hello Moto

  • duane says:

    I experienced this same thing, when I switched from the nokia one they had in Charlie’s angels to the moto star tac. BUT… now I ONLY buy motorola. They rock. When you learn that one, you will never want another.

    I want that razr. I want it now.

  • mrpbody33 says:

    You didn’t get the Pink? Shock and awe surround me.

  • Greg says:

    I found the RAZR has the worst user interface ever created

    but I’m biased towards Sony Ericsson

  • mingaling says:

    I just… couldn’t. Everybody in the store was gearing me toward it, and the restraint was killing me, but I prevailed and went with the classic look.

  • dpb says:

    I had a hard time switching from Nokia as well, but I needed my Blackberry. Rumor has it that sometime this spring Nokia will be releasing their own take on the Blackberry… I fully intend on switching back if that’s the case! Can’t wait!

  • Michelle says:

    I am in.love with my RAZR; it’s also the classic black.

    I changed from a LG9100F which was a really cool phone in that it could slide open to turn into a mini keyboard for texting

    ….but it would slide open all.the.time after while…;-P

  • wegglywoo says:

    my cell is a motorola, and i would never get a nokia after this.

    i have had to use friends’ nokias, and i know the os quite well. motorola is different, but, imho, better.

  • mim says:

    I used to love Motorola because of the StarTac…that thing must’ve lasted me like 5 years! But then I got a Motorola T730, which, haaaaaaate. Now I have a Samsung D600 which I’ve been really happy with. Although I admit I was super tempted by the RAZR, especially the pink and blue ones — I don’t have your restraint, I probably would’ve gotten one of them, except I’d sort of told myself no Moto if I could find some reasonable alternative:p

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