404 what?

February 13, 2006 § 7 Comments

Taking a cue from Dave, I have a little rant today.  Today’s topic:  wrong numbers.

First of all, I will accept partial responsibility for answering a call from an unknown number.  Most of the time I don’t, and I have yet to do this and it actually be from someone I know.  Why do I not learn from my mistakes?

Second, why is it that the person calling feels the need to argue with you regarding the number?  When I politely state, "sorry you have the wrong number," do not feel the need to interrogate me on whether Antwan really isn’t there.  I’m really sure you think you dialed what you did, but I’ve had this number for at least a year now.  And no, again, Antwan REALLY isn’t here.

And to top it all off?  They ALWAYS hang up on me. 



§ 7 Responses to 404 what?

  • Greg says:

    I HATE that, I’ve had my number for nearly 2 years and I still get wrong numbers and txt messages, it’s a pain in the ass…

  • Hannah Beth says:

    What’s worse is when they call, get your voicemail, call back, get your voicemail, call back and you finally answer and THEN they believe it’s a wrong number? So when you heard a girl’s voice saying “This is Hannah…” you didn’t think you had the wrong number? This usually happens around 1 a.m.

  • dpb says:

    Preach on sister! … I’m so proud šŸ˜‰

  • duane says:

    I used to get some woman that called me and LEFT MESSAGES asking for ‘qweesha. Whenever I answered, she would get mad that I wouldn’t put her on, and even threatened to “come over there”, because I was “holding her off the phone”. I used to listen to those messages and laugh.

  • Tell us the truth . . . Antwan was there, wasn’t he?

  • Next call, say…

    “I’m sorry ma’am, he can’t come to the phone right now. Antwan and I just had a baby and he’s trying to learn how to heat the milk bottle just right. I love him. He’s been so nice to me since he won Lotto and he makes me laugh, especially when he talks about that “old fat ass” who thinks he’s her boyfriend. Little does she know he’s a documentary producer with FoxNews trying to lace together a story on dysfunctional crack hoes. I can’t wait for it to premiere at Sundance next year. I have to go, we’re trying for a second baby and my temp is just right for the sling.”

  • kT says:

    People call me and argue whether or not I’m the Wal-Mart. Funny, but I think I’d know if I were the Wal-Mart, don’t you?

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