Sniffle sniffle snot snot

February 13, 2006 § 2 Comments

Add "hack hack achoo" and that sums up my weekend.

It started fine.  Went out with the crew (Duane, James, Dave, Barry, Rebekah) on a rainy Friday evening to EAYC for some pitchers, then later headed to Smith’s Olde Bar.  The boy met us there and they got to see him LIVE and in person.  He had good timing, too, because I had already started feeling icky by then.  Unfinished beer = sick Lori.

I was probably awake for a total of 6 hours on Saturday, aided by a supply of meds.  Sunday was a little better, but the sniffles persist.  It wasn’t too terrible, as I got to see two snowfalls from the cozy spot on the sofa. 

This morning we woke up to a light and fuzzy white blanket on the yard and Molly had no idea what to do.  At least the sun is out, I have on a soft wool sweater, and I’m just content with a cup of cocoa and the keyboard.

Puppy's first snow


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