Brought to you by the American Dental Association

February 21, 2006 § 4 Comments

Having finally found a dentist with good recommendations that didn’t come from total schlubs (Duane! Hakeber!), I left work early yesterday to brace myself for full dental inspection.  (Did you notice I said "left work" yesterday?  Yeah, a big shout out to the State of Georgia for not recognizing yankee presidents.  THANKS, ho.)

I have this, um, thing about the dentist.  Me no likey.  Really.  But I found an awesome dentist in Orlando and faithfully went every 6 months on the dot and it was swell.  Moving to Atlanta screwed that up, and, well, I haven’t been until yesterday.  I know… bad.

The office was quite nice and peaceful (the drive to Buckhead, however, NOT peaceful).  I only squealed a little when the hygienist attacked my tartar with the metal spears of death, and even opted for the optional flouride treatment (bad ass!).  But then the doctor came in and gave me the bad news.  My teeth were fine, but I have (duh duh dun…)



I am so embarassed.  I am a flossing fiend (2-3 times a day), but am not religious about the Sonicare 3 times a day.  So now it’s mandatory, as is the Target listerine that sometimes gets used but mostly sits underneath the sink.  I’m hoping I get a better grade when I go back in August.


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