She is the devil

February 21, 2006 § 6 Comments

I just found out that my vet charges nail trimming by the behavior of the dog, not by the size of the dog.

Bedroom Eyes
Maggie = $8                Molly = $12

Enough said.


§ 6 Responses to She is the devil

  • Hannah Beth says:

    HA! I’m surprised my vet doesn’t charge $20, but since my dog has to be groomed regularly, it’s just rolled into that. Dogs rule, even when you want to pinch their faces off.

  • Will says:

    Not getting gouged by a happy dog: Priceless.

  • duane says:

    LOL! I totally cut sydney’s on my own. They always want to cut them when we take him to the vet; I always find that weird, because they are always filed right to before you get to the quick (which is where they are supposed to be).

  • This post makes me laugh a lot. The pictures really do say it all.

    My Mathilde has a note in her vet file that says that she’s especially troublesome. Apparently, she puts a bigger fight than most about that whole thermometer in the butt thing.

  • mingaling says:

    Mathilde sounds like Molly. Molly likes to bite, kick, and scream. They have to muzzle her at the vet. Better them than me.

  • Lady Crumpet says:


    I try to trim my cats’ claws when they’re kind of asleep. If I’m lucky I can get a whole paw done. Sometimes, though, it’s a two-person job. Which is quite embarrassing, that some 12-14 lbs of fluff can overpower me, the human.

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