Spammity Calamity

February 24, 2006 § 6 Comments

Remember when gmail started and it seemed really cool, but all the haters (yahoo!  hotmail!) were super jealous of the massive capacity of gmailboxes?  They were all "but there’s going to be ads and other things directed specifically to your text" and all that bullshit?  Yeah, so there are.  They’re called "web clips."  They look like this.

But the best thing is going into your spam folder to delete garbage, and finding spam web clips.  Not just any spam webclips, but spam recipe webclips!


And here’s a few, verbatim, in case you’re wondering about dinner tonight:

Spam Primavera – Toss with linguini, serve immediately
Ginger Spam Salad – Serves 1, refrigerate overnight
Vineyard Spam Salad – Combine grapes, spam, peapods and onions in large bowl
Spam Fajitas – Serves 8, add extra salsa if desired
French Fry Spam Casserole – Bake 30-40 minutes
Spam Hashbrown Bake – Serves 8
Creamy Spam Broccoli Casserole – Makes 8 servings


§ 6 Responses to Spammity Calamity

  • bobafred says:

    Yummm… creamy spam.

  • Lady Crumpet says:

    The spam recipes really crack me up every time I clean out that folder.

    The webclips are basically pulled in from RSS feeds. I think they can be modified, although I don’t know if they can be removed completely.

  • Steven says:

    I’ve always figured I had enough space to never need to clean my spam. This deprived me of the spam clips, hilarious.

  • mary says:

    My favorite is spam fried rice! Or spam sushi rolls. But I’m veg now, so don’t eat the stuff anymore.

  • duane says:

    I am not joking when I say the spam has got to stop… mine has increased 100 fold over the last couple of weeks… WTF gives? Do those people think that I really read that crap? They have to know I just delete it!

  • dpb says:

    That’s absolutely hilarious… I wonder if the peeps at Google have realized that. It’s kinda funny how the sponsored WebClips update themselves so quickly. A friend emailed me a thing about ’24’ and the WebClip immediately changed to some cheesey Jack Bauer site. Fun.

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