Crossed Off

February 27, 2006 § 1 Comment

Another thing that happens when the boy goes on a trip (besides me eating takeout and frozen pizzas) is that I go into super errand mode.  Everything that I’ve procrastinated on doing all of a sudden becomes priority.

I took my car in to get serviced, which included new things, changes, flushes, and more.  I can’t believe I kept putting this off.  It’s like I’m driving a new car.  Did you know that power steering works because of some sort of power steering fluid that needs to be replaced?  Amazing!  But seriously, I’ve been putting it off and putting that money towards debt.  Good thing that was paid off, because the car’s spa day came to a total of $350 (no pedi included).  After that, I still had to drive to the auto parts store and pick up an air filter since they didn’t have mine at the shop.  I can now say that I’ve purchased AND installed an air filter for my car.  Genius!

Then I did laundry.  Y’all, we have a SHITLOAD of laundry for only two people and two dogs.  And I don’t even do HIS clothes, just mine and common stuff like sheets and towels.  I just don’t get it.  Seriously.

There were also little things like making copies of the housekey for the petsitter, changing lightbulbs, replacing a set of blinds that the dogs destroyed for the third time, etc.  I then dropped another huge chunk of change at the grocery store.  (Again, two people, so much food… why?  Gah.)

But there were fun things to be crossed off as well.  I had Duane and James over for dinner on Thursday, a facial and massage on Friday, a 43things meetup on Saturday at EAYC, watching a matinee of Match Point with Lady Crumpet on Sunday, followed by beer and wings at Taco Mac later that night.

Tonight’s to-do list shall include lots of pampering and kissing (but not on the lips) of the boy, who’s home but under the weather.  All that snowboarding!  Tsk!


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