The Suckage That Is My Health

March 20, 2006 § 5 Comments

It’s some sort of flu, and it sucks.

I felt a little dizzy around noon on Friday, after work I came home and decided to take a nap, then I woke up a full 6 hours later as a congested sniffly coughing mess.  I ate something, took meds, started SOBBING (I don’t do sick very well), then the boy put me to bed.

And in bed I have stayed.  Through the entire ruined weekend, plus today.  And, of course, my doctor can’t see me until tomorrow afternoon.  I am so over this stupid sickness OMG PLEASE JUST GO ALREADY damn flu.

I need to kick this before Thursday.  The last thing my fluid-riddled noggin needs is a pressurized cabin and a transatlantic flight.

P.S.  If there are any whackjob prepared readers out there who might be hoarding conserving some tamiflu in case of emergency, I would be perfectly willing to trade a small, extremely annoying cute dog for your troubles.


§ 5 Responses to The Suckage That Is My Health

  • Maigh says:

    Ugh! I hope you feel better soon, sounds like you’re doing all the right stuff. Nothing will kick a cold faster than plenty of sleep and staying hydrated… 😦

  • dpb says:

    I’ve got a cure-all that makes all pains go away. Take four Advils, two Sudafeds, and chase it with a shot of whiskey or a couple beers and I promise, you won’t feel a thing for several hours.

  • duane says:

    AWWW!!! I am so sorry that you are sick… I love that you are trying to hock the dog for tamiflu! Priceless!! I am assuming it would be molly, correct?

  • Lambier says:

    Through the entire ruined weekend, plus today

    😦 Was i that bad of company?

  • Lady Crumpet says:

    We missed you at the party! Hope you get well very very very soon. As in, very soon!

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