“Uh oh”

April 10, 2006 § 8 Comments

This morning started like any other.  I shoved the dog off of me, came out from under the covers, and dragged myself into the shower. 

I got out and proceeded to dry my ears.  I hate the feeling of water in my ear canal, so I usually do this first thing when I get out with a q-tip.  However, when I did it this morning I pulled the q-tip out of my ear and saw something different.

"Uh oh."

The q-tip I had just pulled out of my ear came out without, well, its tip.  So me, in all of my brilliance, start freaking out and stick it back in my ear thinking that it will somehow magically bond with the WAD OF COTTON STUCK IN MY EAR CANAL.  Inevitably, this pushes it further in.  So there I am, sitting in the bathroom thinking that I’ve finally reached "kid-with-eraser-stuck-up-nose-status" and envisioning having to call into work and explain that I have to go to the doctor because I’m 28 years old and have a FOREIGN OBJECT STUCK IN MY EAR.

Luckily the boy popped his head out from under the covers when he heard me say "uh oh":

Me:  "Honey, can you help me?"
Boy: "What’s wrong?"
Me:  "I have, um, something stuck.  In my ear."
Boy: "Babe, you know you’re not supposed to put anything in pointier than your elbow."
Me:  Sigh… thanks mom.  "I know!  But it’s stuck!  GET IT OUT GET IT OUT GET IT OUT!"

So, one pair of tweezers and a flashlight later, he got it out. 

"Wow, that was really deep in there."
"Shut up."


§ 8 Responses to “Uh oh”

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