New Dog

April 24, 2006 § 2 Comments

Every summer Maggie gets a new summer ‘do.  It gets pretty hot around here, and being covered in black fur doesn’t help, so she gets clipped and has a sassy short cut.

Molly, however, didn’t realize this happens and decided that Maggie wasn’t Maggie, but a totally new dog.  She wouldn’t go anywhere near Maggie when she came home, and cowered and peed on the floor like the submissive bitch she is.  In fact, it took a good 3 hours or so before Molly realized, "hey, I’m a dumbass and that’s my sister!"

I’d always thought dogs’ sense of smell were powerful enough to detect people and animals, but apparently not individual people and animals.  Maybe Maggie smelled more like shampoo than her usual stink.  Or maybe Molly is just that stupid.

Maggie Before & After:

Maggie             Look who got a haircut


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