Our $4,000 Dog

May 2, 2006 § 6 Comments

Maggie is undergoing exploratory surgery this morning.

She never really got better after bringing her home last week.  We were up to our ankles in vomit and poop.  She hadn’t eaten in a week.  Her pancreatic levels were back to normal, but she didn’t seem to be any better.  I stayed home yesterday, only to take her back to the vet for more x-rays, bloodwork, and finally had to leave her there to do an ultrasound after they pumped more fluids into her.  Which, really, was good since I could not stop SOBBING.  They called this morning and said that there may be a foreign object between her stomach and large intestine, so they’re going to go in and find out. 

I’m partly relieved that they at least know what to look for, rather than dealing with the various unknowns we struggled with in the past week.  I keep thinking that I could never, ever possibly have children because my heart is so fucking torn up with anxiety waiting for her to just be better.  I am pretty much zombie like, passing the point beyond can’t-cry-anymore a day ago.  The boy is a wreck, and I can’t do much to make him feel better.  And so much for paying off that credit card debt – $4,000 and still more to go.

But honestly, I’d pay twice that just to have her home again.


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