Maggie May 2002-2006

May 3, 2006 § 27 Comments


Maggie May, our precious pup, passed away May 2, 2006 at Pets Are People, Too Animal Hospital during surgery at age 4. She is survived by
her adoring parents and adopted sister Molly Sue.

When the boy and I started dating, he became enamored with our Sam.  She was a sweet dog, and we thought it would be a great idea for the boy and I to adopt another one so that Sam would have a playmate.  Sam, the boy, and I went to the Atlanta Humane Society and looked at numerous dogs, but none seemed to have the right "fit."  We decided to get a bite to eat at Whole Foods, then walked over to PetSmart.  They had an adoption agency with several dogs outside.  The boy spotted a black furry thing about 1 1/2 years old.  She was sweet, with a killer smile.  Sam seemed to approve, too.  Her name was Taffy, but we changed that quickly to Maggie May.  After completing the adoption papers, Maggie and Sam hopped in the backseat and looked like two peas in a pod.

After a quick bath, Maggie revealed herself to be the most beautiful dog ever.  Her coat was as shiny as a black onyx, and she was graceful and spry.  At first she wasn’t sure about this whole "ownership" thing.  The boy kept asking if I thought she liked us.  But she did, it turns out, and she quickly made herself at home.  One of her playful things to do was bite Sam’s ankles until she plopped down on the floor, then Maggie would leap over her again and again.  She was also extremely intelligent and a bit mischievous, escaping several times and having us chase her down Monroe Drive.  While camping at Red Top Mountain, she managed to unzip the tent door and escape, taunting us by circling the tent in the middle of the night.  She loved to run – whether at the park or in the backyard.  She was a great guard dog, fending off suspicious cats and squirrels from her territory.  Once she managed to lift a couple of pork chops that were marinated in a dish on the counter.  Without even moving the dish, she not only stole them, but made sure to give Sam one first.  Smart and shares.  That was our girl.

As wily as she could be, she was still such an elegant dog.  It’s hard to explain how she would just sit so pretty next to the bed.  She would come check on us at bedtime, then wait for us to fall asleep before she’d go out to her favorite spot on the couch.  And first thing in the morning, she would come in to check on us again, stretching and yawning and being so devoted.  She loved children, and would always come up to them and try to lick them to bits, her tail wagging a million miles an hour.  One of the funniest things about her were the sounds that she’d make.  When she sneezed, she didn’t sound like a dog, but actually like a person.  When she laid down, she would always make this funny sighing sound – "owwwoooo."

She was a bit sketchy when we adopted Molly, staying back and observing the little runt for the first week or so when we brought her home.  But Maggie was so sweet and tolerant, finally letting Molly wrestle with her and constantly having her tailed chewed on.  She loved to snuggle.  She would sneak up on our laps one leg at a time when we were sitting on the couch, or she would jump on the bed to cuddle with us, at least until jealous little Molly attacked.  But she did love her sister – they wrestled and chased each other endlessly.

Anyone who ever met her knows that she was the sweetest dog.  So kind, so gentle, and so much fun.  She had the biggest smile, and her tail was always wagging.  She loved people and other dogs, but her true love was the boy.  She loved her boy more than anything else in the whole world, and when you saw them you knew that they were just meant to be together.

We’re all still in shock.  We just didn’t have enough time with her, and our home seems so empty without her in it.  A little piece of me died with her yesterday.  Goodbye Maggie, my baby girl. We miss you so much.


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