May 9, 2006 § 2 Comments

We’ve seen a slew of movies as of late:

Junebug:  interesting look at a really fucked up family that a woman marries into.  Makes me grateful for my "normal" family.

M:I3:  wanted to hate it, but loved it.  Fun, like a super-long Alias episode.  And Felicity can kick some ass.

Friends With Money:  good movie about friendship and relationships and how different we all can be, but in the end what works, works.

Bubble:  really liked this.  People call this a boring movie, but I think Soderberg really captured small town America.


§ 2 Responses to Cinema

  • duane says:

    I thought Junebug was weird. I just felt like they didn’t develop all of the characters enough, and if they had, they would have had a great little movie on their hands. Oh well.

    I MUST see MI3. I don’t even care if there are 50 tom cruise clones in it with him; JJ Abrams is the bomb. AND, seeing Keri Russell play that role will blow me away… the whole premise of Alias was JJ Abrams’s idea that Felicity get recruited and join CIA. YEAH!

  • RIch says:

    Loved Junebug. Going to see MI3 tomorrow night (er… tonight). It was that or Poseidon, so I hope I chose wisely.

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