Lazy Weekender

May 15, 2006 § 1 Comment

Friday night started out slowly.  We had dinner and drinks at Eclipse di Sol, then headed over to catch the Modern Skirts show at Smiths Olde Bar.  We arrived an hour and a half after doors opened, but apparently still made it before anyone started playing.  While waiting, I finally got to meet Mr. Cable and Tweed, and we stuck around for 2 and 1/8 of the bands before we dragged our tired asses home.

Saturday involved putzing around the house, not going to the EABF (boo!), and heading way OTP to Dawsonville.  The boy had a kayaking lesson and I played photographer.  We then headed to his dad’s place out there for dinner, then made the long drive home.

Between power outages on Sunday (what was up with 10th street?), I taught Molly how to catch her first frisbee.  Yes, she’s a year old, but she’s slow.  She had a lot of fun romping in the mud at the Atlantic Station dog park.  I checked on our condo’s progression.  Yeah, not so much going on there.  We headed home, I washed the dog, then left to check out a movie:  Sophie Scholl.  It was really good.  Despite hardly getting anything done, I was still tired and loafed around for the rest of the evening.

However, I did just buy tickets from Outwrite to see Augusten Burroughs on May 23rd.  Yay!

Oh, and I uploaded a bunch of old pics from my trip to Maui in 2000 since some lucky stinker may be going very soon – jealous!  The pics also reminded me of how much of a skinny-minny I was back then.  I guess that’s what happens if you don’t eat, you know, ever.  Sigh.


§ One Response to Lazy Weekender

  • Rich says:

    Imagine meeting me at a concert, of all places. Simply uncanny.

    Sounds like a busy weekend despite your “lazy” headline. I spent mine crawling through transcripts of congressional testimony and then getting sucked into a Surreal Life marathon. Exciting indeed.

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