Thank You’s and Goodbye

July 7, 2006 § 4 Comments

Thank you to everyone who came out for drinks last night, especially since it was so last minute: Tony & the gorgeous Geester, Dave and his sister-who’s-so-young-it’s-embarrassing, Bobafred, Maigh, Hakeber, Duane, Mark…  did I forget someone?  It must have been those 7-8 Hoegaardens…

It really meant a lot to me that you all were there.  I probably wasn’t the best company, but you all cheered me up immensely.  And thanks for the sage advice.  Honestly, it was totally worth waiting for two years to finally make some really cool and decent friends here.  Love you guys!

In other news, I’m flying home to Borlando after work to see family, eat lots of Chinese food, and take 29847264 pictures of my niece. See you kitties when I get back.


§ 4 Responses to Thank You’s and Goodbye

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