Why I won’t be seen out of the house for a while

September 21, 2006 § 5 Comments

The TiFaux is going to be on fire this season:

Studio 60 On the Sunset Strip:  SO SO SO SO FREAKING GOOD.  Have I mentioned my love of Bradley Whitford?  Yowza.  Damn, one episode and I’m addicted.  Add it to the list of must-sees.

The Office:  My sweet, sweet darling… it’s been so long.  Even Dwight’s blog was getting old.  Thank goodness your asstastically stupid Michael and Jim & Pam drama is back.

Grey’s Anatomy:  it took me a while to get sucked into it, but damn is the show good.  Smart, funny, and it makes me cry.  Done.

My Name is Earl:  Sweet mullets and Crab Man! 

ANTM:  Eeeee!  Catfights are back – yay!

And finally, LOST comes back next month. 


§ 5 Responses to Why I won’t be seen out of the house for a while

  • Miss Pickle says:

    Mine is set for the exact same shows! I cannot WAIT for Grey’s Anatomy premiere tonight. I just watched Season 2 on the weekend and am now forever addicted. I love it!

  • duane says:

    We should so be watching ANTM together… I wrote about it today, tell me your thoughts so far on this upcoming season! I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE THIS BITCHES FIGHT IT OUT!

  • Hannah Beth says:

    I am stupidly impatient for 8:30 to get here so I can have more Dwight!

  • Cyanbane says:

    My Name is Earl is just an amazing show hands down. Jamie Presley is hilarious, that show has great writers (if you watched tonight’s episode the Ferris Bueller comment was what makes that show).

    I was a HUGE fan of he BBC office and I made fun of the US version of the office as a UK rip off for a long time till some friends finally got me to sit down and watch it all the way through seasons 1 and 2, and let me tell you it is probably the best comedy writing on TV today. Tonight’s episode just cracked me up the entire way through, I don’t think TV will ever ever see another all male kiss as awkward as that.

    I don’t really watch that much TV other than those 2 shows and LOST (sometimes I get dragged into an episode of Medium, that show just has excellent casting) but I usually prefer watching shows on DVD, but the wife loves the regulars Prison Break, Amazing Race, etc but she has really gotten into Vanished this season which she loves, I watched one episode and thought it was cool that it all took place in the ATL which was kinda cool they would show shots of Buckhead and Phillips and stuff, was decent acting also if you like those kinda mystery shows, check it out.

  • Chris says:

    Studio 60 was brilliant. Aaron Sorkin just rocks.

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