How I spent Thursday

November 17, 2006 § 3 Comments

Yep, the ER.

I woke up to awful pains, cold sweats, and dizzyness at 1 a.m., and they continued all day.  The boy was out of town, and I knew I couldn’t drive, so I called a cab to take me to Crawford Long around noon.

Suprisingly, I didn’t have to wait long before being seen.  There were only a few sick people and random hoodlums in the waiting area.  One highlight was watching a girl throw up into her lap.

Once in, I had about 4 different nurses jabbing me in various places and draining me of blood for various tests.  One of them proceeded to blow a vein while setting up my i.v., so I got to do a repeat on my other hand.  Oh, and there was blood all over the place.  Pretty.  The doctor determined that I needed a copule of bags of fluid and an antisposmadic.  So another nurse proceeded to give that to me via the biggest needle I’ve ever seen and right into my butt cheek. Have I mentioned how much I hate hospitals?

I did feel really silly going to the ER.  I mean, people with gun shot wounds and heart attacks go to the ER, not girls who have to go to the toilet every minute.  But without going I know there was no way I’d be sitting upright now, and that’s definitely worth the co-pay.


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