February 16, 2007 § 12 Comments

It’s damn hard to think about anything but the cold these past few days. I’ve huddled myself up in the house and tried to eat and sleep away the cold (mmm… chili), but the 20 degree morning dog walks are bitter and chilly.

But I’m getting my fill of anticipation waiting for the trip I just booked to South Beach. Yes, it’s in May, but it gives me ample time to soak up the last bits of winter that I will absolutely miss in the dead heat of Atlanta’s summer. It will also give me enough time to be less scary and white in a bikini (with apologies to the folks that see me at the indoor pool right now). Plus, it’s been far too long since I’ve been to Miami (which, frankly, is the biggest and most diverse city in the South to me). Oh, and the food… central and south american… yum.

So we’ve booked the plane tickets and hotel, and are just waiting for the days on the calendar to pass. Did I mention I’ll be Dave’s tour guide on his first trip to SoBe (I think he was sold at the mention of a “topless beach”)? Any other takers? Muahahaha!


§ 12 Responses to Defrost

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