We love President’s Day

February 20, 2007 § 6 Comments

And why is that?

It appears that I was the only loser to have to work yesterday on the great holiday known as President’s Day. Being the good friends that they are, Dave and Bobafred decided to meet me for lunch on campus. As a treat we went to Junior’s for the best chicken fingers in Atlanta, and let it be known that Bobafred did not suffer any violent convulsions from being on adversarial turf for more than a few minutes.

After lunch, they both left to go to the Highlander and proceeded to taunt me with text messages, IM’s, and photos of them thoroughly enjoying some holiday liquid refreshments. By the time I got out of the office and strolled into the joint, they had already downed 15 rum & cokes between the two of them. Did it stop there?

Oh no.

I had a few beers with them and had to run to meet Duane for dinner at Graveyard, and these jokers decided to join in giving me little time to warn Duane. A few man cans and a couple of steaks later, we ended the best fake holiday ever like we always do: scaring the server and Duane and Dave fighting about politics, while Bobafred and I call each other stupid.

We love President’s Day.


§ 6 Responses to We love President’s Day

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