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I came home that night to find that my privacy had been invaded. Whatever sense of security I had was crushed. Not that there was anything in particular to be hidden, but there are those unspoken lines. Parameters kept out of respect for one another. Those were crossed and my trust was violated.

He had taken those things he perceived were hidden from him and threw them in my face, accusing me of acts that I had not committed. His bags were packed and he had decided to leave without even asking me if these were true. Without time to even contemplate the trust he had broken and how it affected me, I pleaded with him to see that the schemes that he dreamed up were unfounded. In the end he stayed, and I felt not relief, but exasperation? Confusion? He kept justifying what he had done, but I was unsure.

But as time passed, I grew angrier at what he had taken away from me. My sense of wholehearted trust in someone had been thrown back in my face for something I had not done. And now, even now, I’m finding out more about what he had done. His actions were not accidental; they were malicious, having kept copies of such information. What were his intentions for later “use”?

It’s hard enough to put your trust in someone in any relationship, but as a result of this my faith in others has diminished. Future relationships will undoubtedly suffer as a consequence of this hurt, but I don’t know how to resolve it or even if I can.

And now, he sleeps just fine at night, having justified his actions in whatever twisted way best suited him … at least until someone does the very same to him.


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