“la la la la la…”

June 11, 2007 § 7 Comments

“… I can’t hear youuuuuuu.”

No, I did not get around to watching the Sopranos finale last night.

While I’m away from the DVR, it seems I’ll need to avoid the internet since there’s something about it on EVERY page.


§ 7 Responses to “la la la la la…”

  • Greg says:

    Yeah, this is where RSS feeds can be annoying, there needs to be a spoiler filter installed on the internets

    And WOW, I can’t believe AJ killed Tony!

  • mingaling says:

    I at least know THAT didn’t happen ;p

    Apparently it was a huge letdown according to what I should not have read.

  • Greg says:

    It was the kind of ending that makes you think, open ended and open to interpretation, af first I was like WTF! But now I’m sure of my theory, which i’ll tell you once you’ve seen it

  • dpb says:

    Sorry about that lady… I totally forgot it was the Sopranos series finale. Had you reminded me, I would have had no problem cutting off Dateline. 😉

  • duane says:

    You won’t hear anything from me about it; I have never seen one episode of that show.

  • mingaling says:

    That’s a pity – it’s been one of the best shows I’ve seen.

  • Jeff Kenny says:

    I’m hoping you watched it by now…

    I think the thing that was disappointing to most of the complainers was that not everything was wrapped up into a nice little box with a bow on it.

    I actually liked that it left you to draw your own conclusion and think that it could be a really interesting study on optimism and pessimism. I, the eternal optimist, was fine with the ending and thought everything would be fine. The wife however is the complete opposite and immediately said “they’re all dead.”

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