Reason #2615 for hating the AJC

July 19, 2007 § 5 Comments

Their “Best of Atlanta” Winner for Indian food this year is Imperial Fez.

Yep. The best Indian restaurant voted for is actually a Moroccan restaurant. Not only are the two countries, oh, THOUSANDS of miles apart, but the cuisine is ENTIRELY different.



§ 5 Responses to Reason #2615 for hating the AJC

  • I noticed that as well.

    Apparently we beige people are all the same to AJC readers.

  • bobafred says:

    hey look! the vortex won for best burgers. surprising.

  • Hello Kitty Fan says:

    Meredith Ford posted an article yesterday (07/19/07) stating she (and the AJC staff) knew the differences between Moroccan and Indian food. What is funny, is that she does not state *why* the AJC put Imperial Fez and Atlanta’s best Indian Restaurant.

    I hope the AJC doesn’t go to Buford Hwy and say that the best Vietnamese restaurant is actually a Chinese restaurant. But hey, with the AJC’s track record so far…you never know!

  • dpb says:

    You’re so picky.

  • duane says:

    LUCY: He your gardener. I don’t know why you don’t tell him.

    CHER: Lucy, you know I don’t speak Mexican.

    LUCY: I not a Mexican!

    CHER: Great, what was that all about?

    JOSH: Lucy’s from El Salvador.

    CHER: So?

    JOSH: It’s an entirely different country.

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