Dog Drama

July 26, 2007 § 9 Comments

This morning was a tad bit on the dramatic side.

I went to walk Molly one last time before I went to work. While we were in the backyard, Molly started growling and I spotted a very large brown pit bull walking around the side of the yard. I hurried back up the deck, but once the dog saw us and heard Molly barking she charged toward us and went after Molly. Molly and the dog tussled while I started yelling, and Brian came out and pulled Molly into the house.

As soon as she was indoors, I looked down and my pants had blood on them. The dog, however, had completely calmed down and was standing there with her tail wagging. I checked on Molly, but the only thing hurt was her feelings. I sat there and consoled her, and Brian called Animal Control only to be transferred to 911 (wtf?) and told they don’t open until 10 a.m.

We headed out to work and as we did, Molly started growling again. Yep, the dog was back, this time on our front porch wagging her tail. We tried to shoo her away, got into our cars, but before I drove off I realized that she was back on our front porch. The dog wasn’t really a stray – she had obviously been eating – but she had no tags, had multiple bloody wounds and skin irritations, and was covered in fleas. She also had recently given birth. I sat there parked for a while and realized that if I didn’t take her someplace, then:

1. she’d be aggravating Molly at the house
2. she could get into a fight with another dog
3. she could get hit by a car
4. her shitty neglectful owner would find her and keep neglecting her

Needless to say, I grabbed the only thing I had in my trunk (a straw beach mat), covered the seats, and called her over. I don’t make a habit of inviting aggressive dogs into my car, but she was so happy to have someone pay attention to her and she hopped right in. At this point I felt comfortable enough and drove toward the shelter. And the dog? She SLEPT the entire drive.

She seems like a sweet dog, and could have a good chance at being adoptable to a family that doesn’t have any other pets and can train an aggressive breed. I’m just so mad, though, that someone could be so neglectful with her. At least I know she’s now in a better place where she will get medical attention and the care she needs, and that we need a fence. stat.

§ 9 Responses to Dog Drama

  • mrpbody33 says:

    A pit bull? I got dibs.

  • mingaling says:

    hahaha… i’m not sure kozmo is going to like that.

  • HG says:

    Oh poor girl!

  • duane says:

    I’m sorry to hear about your dog drama this morning; you did an amazing awesome thing by taking her to a shelter. The same thing is always happening in our neighborhood, and people are always keeping pit bulls and neglecting them so they will be mean and fight.

    One thing that I just can’t stand is when someone is intentionally cruel to animals. WTF is wrong with people?

    I’m just glad that neither of you guys were hurt, and that Molly wasn’t hurt either. Ugh! If you want to build a fence, let me know; we have tools out the wazoo!

  • Chris says:

    Yay you. I mean, there aren’t too many people who’d do that!

  • Susanne says:

    Another reason why you are one of my favorite people in the world. Not many people would have done what you did.
    Thanks for being you and taking care of that dog.

  • Hannah says:

    I agree. What a great thing you did. (But also, how scary! I’m glad Molly is okay.)

  • scotty says:

    welcome to the East Side. This is how we do. Have you tried going jogging before sun up? You’ll get hunted down by a pack of semi-feral pit bulls, rotweilers and other ferocious half breeds before you travel a block.

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